Women's Self-Defense, Rape Prevention and Street Safety Techniques

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The Rape Prevention and Street Safety course is tailored to women who have encountered abuse, been attacked or fear an attack by an individual or individuals.


The ability to notice events and situations around you as they happen; projecting strength through awareness and assertiveness to successfully defend/avoid dangerous situations that may occur.

Self Preservation
Protecting yourself from any incoming dangerous situation by increasing your sensitivity to everything around you at any time.

Defeat Your Fears
Learning to live without fear allowing you to live your life normally.

True Inner Power
Most victims are surprised by their attackers. Learn to interpret that surprise and force it to your own advantage and defense. Our training stops the attackers' element of surprise by giving you the inner strength and courage to successfully combat an attack. Our students are prepared even in the event of being outnumbered, having trained effectively for almost every situation that may occur.

Examples of scenarios we teach you to defend/protect yourself from:
  • One or more individuals using a stealth approach and moving towards you menacingly
  • Suspicious vehicle; how to move away/avoid and alert others by identifying it to others near you
  • Kidnapping, or being bound by kidnappers/attackers
  • Use of physical force by an attacker (learn how to minimize force if occurs)
  • Individuals (could be friends, relatives, people you don't know) creating an opportunity to attack you
We constantly develop "street-tough" certified scenarios that prepare you for anything. The more we know, practice and train for, the less likely we are the victim. Split-second defense, for the spilt-second attack.

Sereg Martial Arts has you covered.