Children's Self-Defense, Bully Defense and Street Safety Techniques

Get Started in Children's Self-Defense and Bully prevention today!

While this is cause for concern, parents (and children alike) can be at ease and learn to move beyond it by enrolling their child into SMA's Bully Defense and Self-Defense training.

Children can start training with Sereg Martial Arts at the age of four. Our Children's Self-Defense and Bully Defense Training is proven to help build courage, strength, focus, and responsibility to any child, giving them the ability of self-awareness no one can take away from them.

You will see your child begin to exhibit respect, focus, courage, the feeling of doing what's "right" vs. doing wrong. These personal skills will grow like a tree in the backyard of their lives. Plus, it's fun and they love it! This training course covers several vital areas in defense against a bully.

GOALS: Bully Defense in Detail

Personal Strength

1. Building mental strength by encouragement, creating challenges can and will work through.

  • Evading a strike with footwork and upper body guarding (hands up).
  • Repetition of movement without flinching from fear, utilizing complete focus.

2. Awareness through circumstance, giving a student similar scenarios in their preparation of an attack.

  • Having the ability to "read" their surroundings to accurately deduce forthcoming action.
  • To "see" what could happen before it happens by preparing for any situation.

Dangerous situations first and foremost, should be avoided if it can be helped. If it cannot be avoided, the student can rely on their training, because their mind is prepared to defend. An untrained person, reacts, a student trained, responds.

  1. Personal self-respect and control is obtained through physical and mental conditioning through various techniques and exercises.
  2. Certain exercises test the students abilities; proper encouragement and coaching ensures that the student learns the physical and mental strength, to push through adversity, allowing them to realize their potential. Confidence is established, self-respect is gained, and self-control becomes present in the students' words and actions.

Physical Fitness

By the fourth week of consistent training, a students demeanor begins to change, to reform. This reform moves through physical fitness, bringing them in-tune with their mind and body.

Sereg Martial Arts has you covered.